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Construction loan inspections, also known as Draw inspections, are important to the lending institution and the customer to insure they are getting what they pay for. Also the Draw is for the builder, to insure they get all what is owed to them.
Draw inspections are based on percentages of work completed by the builder, and is not based on codes and compliance regulations. However, any violation seen in these areas, as well as any sub-par workmanship, will be noted and passed on to the bank immediately.

After conducting 100,000 + draw inspections we would like to think we have seen it all. It never amazes us to see something new. Contact us today and let us help you with all your construction loan needs.



Commercial projects are inspected on the same principal as Residential inspections, which is percentage complete. It is based on the Contractors Application for Payment sometimes known as the AIA Document. A Work Write Up will be given to support items inspected, along with corresponding photos of the project.

The write up consist of items inspected with percentage complete, a summary of payment due, and any recommendations if needed. This combination has proven to be very successful as documentation for your file of the progress complete. We’ll help you save money and have your project not get over funded.


Make Bank Draw Inspection In Real Time

No more paperwork, no more delays, standardized management of construction inspections. Draw Pro is a business application that allows new construction inspections to be performed from the field in real time, from beginning to end.  

Draw Pro provides the gold standard for uniformity, tracking and auditing. Information is available in real-time and stored on the secure Apple Cloud server.

By subscribing to Draw Pro you will help support our long term vision: a software application system and method for Lenders to service their construction loans, including a new standardizes schedule of loan values concept, simplified project management processes and real time online collaboration with multiple project participants for approving projects, coordinating field inspections, scheduling and securing approving draw requests and tracking loan disbursements. 

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